About - Fashionably Cheryl


Hello! And thank you so much for coming to my fashion blog. It’s an exciting time to share fashion for women over 50 and show just how fabulous we can dress.  I like to focus on cute, casual and comfy looks since that is pretty much how I dress on appointments, and when I am shooting events.

Personally, I am enjoying being an empty nester and parenting via text and Facebook with kids who can’t pick up the phone.   I try to balance my advertising agency, my online fashion magazine Fashionably Austin and Fashionably Cheryl.   My 2017 word is “Fearless” and it pushes me to new experiences.

My grandmother was always up for anything in life so I’m inspired by her drive and I’m mixed with some of my mother’s ability to look at a situation from both sides.   Then there is my dad’s sales drive …I’m always looking and figuring out a challenge.

I’m a gluten free gal (celiac) and I could eat anything on a corn tortilla.    Since my dog Cooper has his own page on my blog you already know he is quite the charmer.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband who supports all this craziness, my kids smile at the all the fun we get into and happy to experience all that life has to offer.

Thanks for reading and hope you visit often.