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A Memorable Thanksgiving

November 23rd, 2018

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This year Thanksgiving was extra special for my family.  If you follow me on social media since August plans were set in place to move my parents from Colorado to Texas.  This decision was met with so much excitement but knew it was going to be a daunting task to move two 80-year-olds.

I have to admit after several trips to Greeley with one trip being to take care of my mom after a flare up from her autoimmune issue, there were thoughts that the move may not happen.  A house in College Station came back on the market and after only seeing photos, my Mom told my Dad to buy it, which he did.  My parent’s home in Greeley sold in one week and it was official, my parents were going to be Texans.

Mom and Dad in front of their new Texas home!

Only by the grace of God, my mother’s strength returned, they purged, donated and got the house packed with the help of my brother and husband.  I had a good walk down memory lane as my mother saved so many of our childhood items.  My Ouija board did get donated but I had fun posting it on Facebook as many of my friends remember playing it all my many slumber parties in our basement.  (no one joined a cult…just sayin’)  My brother kept his snoopy lunchbox and I kept a few mementos to take home to cherish.

The weather cooperated beautifully to make a safe drive and the 1000 drive to Texas. On Halloween day the moving truck arrived on a drizzly day but we managed to get everything unloaded.   And this Thanksgiving we all sat as a family, for the first time we could ever remember.  The dining room was set with pretty china, a white tablecloth and we enjoyed more food than we could have ever eaten in one sitting.

As my mom and dad were seated at the heads of each end of the table I was reminded of many things.  First the strength of our family.  I am thankful for the strong Christian values my parents instilled in us where the church was the center of our life.  We always knew the Lord would always take care of any need, any challenge we would encounter.  So far that mindset has worked.

I was also reminded that how lucky my brother and I are to have parents who can actually move into a new home at 81 and 82 years old.  Enough said about that.

I am thankful more than 15 years ago my parents took in my son who moved into their home, went to high school and then to college and helped raise him during a very dark time for me as I went through my divorce.  I was just given the best gift of all by my son last week after 15 years that it was the best decision I could have ever done for him was to allow him to move.  I have lived with guilt over that decision I think since the day I put him on that plane.

I am thankful for my strong and resilient daughter.  I am blessed with a caring and successful fellow photographer stepdaughter who is serving our country with her Air Force hubs.   I am thankful for a husband who is nothing short of a miracle worker with all he does, and who stands by my craziness no matter what.

I hope you all had many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and now let’s get the holidays started!!

About My Look:

I purchased these pants for a trip I took in October and have not been disappointed as they are so comfortable.   I have always enjoyed wearing black and tan together and know it will always be in style for years to come.  This black turtleneck is a little different as it has a ruffled collar detail that I do like very much.  I added a modern gold necklace and since leopard print is so big this season (when isn’t it) I put added my favorite cat coat that I bought in Paris in 2011.  I will keep it forever!

Pants: ERIC paisley embossed 
Sweater: Joseph A.
Necklace: Bella Uno Gold
Boots:  My own
Sunglasses:  Chanel





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