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New Journey ~ New Discoveries

November 7th, 2016


Hello everyone!

Time is an interesting thing.  Now that I am getting a little older (just had a birthday) I feel I reflect on so many things I want to accomplish in my life and think about new direction.  If I get a little more sentimental, it may a reaction or panic on just how fast life goes by, how quickly children grow up and how birthdays and holidays come aimg_3011nd go at lighting speed.

While I was recently in New York for my annual trip to New York Fashion Week, I took some quiet time between shows with fellow photographer Shannon Tyson.  While we enjoyed a West Village lunch, we started talking about where we would like to take our businesses.

One of the things I shared with Shannon was my yearning to restart my personal blog.    My previous posts have included some beautiful clothes from local boutiques, some from my closet, but there was something missing.  And then a light went off in my head.

One of the things I continue to be challenged with is dressing for my events.  I want to  dress img_3100in a trendy outfit in heels with a beautiful matching bag but then reality sets in and I have to remember I will have cameras hanging off me, be kneeling in and out of my camera bag and well let’s just honest, shooting a fashion show in heels just isn’t going to happen.  It’s a constant conflict between wanting to be on the front row of the fashion show dressed up and then wanting to be at the end of the runway in the press pit capturing the perfect shot.

So, I have decided to focus this blog with cute, casual and comfortable outfits I put together and wear in my everyday life and to my events.  From the grocery store, running errands and covering fashion events, I’ll share and
show you how I can mix and match new pieces and ones I’ve had in my closet and of course keep you posted on the trends.

I know dressing casual can be challenging and certainly harder when you get older.  It’s so easy to get comfortable wearing the same things over and over again because it’s just easy and soon we can get into a fashion rut.  Been there and I’ve done that too.  And don’t get me started on the yoga pants as a go to casual wear staple.  (That’s another post)nyfw-cb

My first post features outfits I wore to New York Fashion Week while I was shooting from the end of the runway. With the warm weather in Austin, I wore many of  these pieces well into November!!

I’m so happy I found the new direction for this blog from a brainstorming session with my friend Shannon at New York Fashion Week and my inspiration was all packed in my suitcase and in my closet all along.  Here’s to Cute, Casual and Comfortable!

Photos:  Shannon Michelle – Shannon Michelle Photography



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Hi! I’m Cheryl!

          You know the saying, age has its benefits and I am living proof that experience, drive, faith and a little bit of luck will take you places you never imagined.  I can certainly say that being over 50 has been an exciting time for me. I am Austin's first television fashion reporter starting back in 1999 for News 8 Austin and have continued to report on fashion ever since. My sister website, Fashionably Austin continues to be the only all-fashion online fashion outlet allowing me to feature local events, designers and all things Austin Fashion!  I have had fun incorporating my love of fashion, photography, videography, writing, producing and all things creative at all levels of my business. Let's connect, share and have fun during the best decade of our lives!! Cheryl  


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